Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston

Limestone Commercial Real Estate in Houston is a leading firm specializing in the vibrant and diverse real estate market of Houston Texas. 

With a focus on commercial properties particularly in the limestone sector they offer comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of investors, developers and tenants alike. 

Leveraging extensive market knowledge and a network of industry connections Limestone Commercial Real Estate is committed to delivering exceptional results and maximizing value for their clients in Houston’s dynamic real estate landscape.

Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston Owner

Limestone Commercial Real Estate in Houston is owned by a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to providing top-notch real estate services. Specializing in commercial properties they offer a diverse portfolio catering to various business needs

With a strong focus on client satisfaction they prioritize understanding each client’s unique requirements to offer tailored solutions. Whether it’s leasing, sales or property management Limestone Commercial Real Estate leverages its expertise and local market knowledge to ensure successful outcomes for their clients.

Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston Owner Age

Limestone Commercial Real Estate is a reputable company in Houston Texas specializing in commercial property management and sales. The company’s owner whose age is not publicly disclosed. It brings extensive experience and expertise to the real estate industry. 

With a keen understanding of market trends and a commitment to client satisfaction, Limestone Commercial Real Estate caters to the diverse needs of businesses seeking prime locations and investment opportunities in the vibrant Houston market.

Who is the richest person in Houston?

Jeffery Hildebrand is co-founder of Hilcorp is the wealthiest Houstonian on the list.

How many billionaires are in Houston?

How many billionaires are in Houston?

Twenty-nine Texans made Forbes’s latest annual World’s Billionaire List. Among the list are 16 Houstonians in various industries including energy infrastructure and automotive sales. They are worth a combined wealth of $75.6 billion.

Who is the richest family in Houston Texas?

  • Jeffery Hildebrand. Co-Founder, Hilcorp. 
  • Tilman Fertitta. Houston Rockets, Landry’s. 
  • Richard Kinder. Founder & CEO, Kinder Morgan. 
  • Dannine Avara, Scott Duncan, Milane Frantz.
  • Randa Duncan Williams.
  • Dan Friedkin. 
  • Janice McNair. 
  • John Arnold.

Is Houston Texas a rich city?

Houston made the cut as one of the wealthiest cities in the country but was beaten out by other Texas cities like Austin and Dallas in terms of millionaire population growth over the last decade according to a new report.

Who is the richest couple in Houston?

Nancy and Rich Kinder, with an estimated wealth of $8.1 billion, ranked at No. 315 on Forbes 38th annual World Billionaires List. The couple have become synonymous with transformational arts, education, green space, and quality-of-life initiatives in Houston, with a significant impact on the city’s development. Financing these initiatives, they have contributed immensely to the community’s growth and well being.

What is the Richest Street in Houston?

What is the Richest Street in Houston?

River Oaks is arguably one of the most affluent and iconic neighbourhoods in Houston. Located near the heart of the city, River Oaks is known for its stately mansions, tree lined streets, and exclusive atmosphere. The neighbourhood exudes an air of sophistication and is a symbol of luxury living in Houston.

What is the Most Expensive House in Houston?

The Lodge in Hunters Creek’s record $65 million listing is 8.3% higher than the 14-acre Crespi Estate in North Dallas which was listed last month by the local luxury real estate firm Allie Beth Allman & Associates.

Is Austin Richer than Houston?

Houston is a much larger city in terms of population. The median age of residents in Austin versus Houston is very similar with Austin being slightly higher. Austin is wealthier with a higher median household income and also is more educated.

Is Houston or Austin Better?

Key Takeaways. Houston has a lower cost of living than Austin but with different vibes Houston is bustling and diverse while Austin offers an outdoor focused atmosphere. Austin provides more economic opportunities due to its tech industry while Houston’s economy is bolstered by oil & gas companies.

How many Millionaires Live in Houston?

There are 90,900 millionaire residents in Houston, according to an annual report from Henley & Partners a London based investment migration consultancy. According to that metric, Houston is the fifth wealthiest city in the United States and 17th in the world, just above the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

Where do Muslims Live in Houston?

As of 2000 most established Muslim immigrants live in north and northwest Houston while most new Muslim immigrants live in Southwest Houston in particular Alief. As of 1990 the Iranian Shia in Houston primarily used the ISGH mosques for occasional needs including marriages and funerals.

How does Houston make Money?

Houston is known as a world capital of the oil and gas industry with over 5000 energy firms doing business in the region. Historically, Houston has had several growth spurts (and some devastating economic recessions) related to the oil industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Limestone Commercial Real Estate and Why Houston?

Limestone Commercial Real Estate is a respected firm specializing in commercial property transactions, leasing and management. Houston is chosen due to its vibrant economy and diverse industries. 

What types of Properties does Limestone Commercial Real Estate Handle?

Limestone Commercial Real Estate manages various properties including office buildings, retail spaces, industrial warehouses and mixed-use developments. Their expertise spans multiple sectors to cater to diverse client needs.

How does Limestone Commercial Real Estate Assist Clients in Navigating the Houston Market?

Limestone’s seasoned team offers in depth market analysis, strategic planning and personalized guidance to empower clients with informed decisions. Whether leasing, buying or selling they provide tailored solutions aligned with each client’s objectives.

What sets Limestone Commercial Real Estate Apart from Other Firms in Houston?

Limestone stands out for its client centric ethos, extensive market knowledge and unwavering commitment to excellence. Their focus on nurturing long-term relationships and delivering tangible results distinguishes them as a premier choice in Houston’s commercial real estate arena.

How can I Engage with Limestone Commercial Real Estate for my Property needs in Houston?

To initiate collaboration simply connect with Limestone’s team via their website or contact details. They offer consultations to discuss your specific goals and devise strategies to help you thrive in Houston’s dynamic real estate landscape.


Limestone Commercial Real Estate in Houston offers a compelling blend of expertise, integrity and personalized service in the competitive real estate market. With a focus on understanding client needs and delivering tailored solutions. 

They stand out as a trusted partner for businesses seeking commercial properties in Houston. Their commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the local market make them a valuable asset for investors, developers and tenants alike. It ensure seamless transactions and successful outcomes in the dynamic world of commercial real estate.

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